Information on pricing and more are available below. Availability on other mediums will be available sometime.  Please, thoroughly read the information page, including the link to my terms, reference photo quality, and many more information regarding commissions.  If you do not see the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact me in the form below.  

I am able to draw many pets or wildlife like your pet dog, a hamster, a photo of a tiger you took at a zoo, or perhaps a sea urchin you found in an aquarium. However, I do not take commissions that focus on landscapes, vehicles, or any portraits containing humans.

Prices in the chart are for minimal detailed charcoal portraits of one subject done on toned gray paper.  Sepia or sanguine on tanned paper are also optional for the same price as a charcoal drawing.  

*Keep in mind that these are NOT realism portraits (nor am I currently offering realism portraits right now).  By commissioning me for this style, you acknowledge that the drawing isn't going to be 100% real as the reference image.  (For example, not every strand of hair will be visible in a drawing like in a photo or realistic pencil drawing).


Standard Sizes


Square Sizes



Additional subjects are $50  EACH.

Please read the information under "Size Requirement" to know the minimal requirements of subjects.


Prices do not include a background.  The cost of the background can start off 10% of each sizes base cost and beyond. Feel free to contact me for a quote on backgrounds.


The minimum size for a portrait is 5x5" and 18x24" is the largest available size.  For other sizes that are not listed in the price chart, please contact me with the desired size for a quote.

The recommended minimum size for two head portraits are 8x10"  or 10x10" for square portraits. 

The recommended minimum size required for a full-body portrait is 11x14". 

A recommended minimum size for 2 or more full bodies on an artwork surface is 16x20".

If you have more than 4 subjects you would like in a portrait the minimum size requirement is 11x14" standard or 12x12" square size for heads only. I will limit up to 2 half/full-bodies on an 11x14" standard size or 12x12" square size.  For more than 3 subjects of half/full-bodies, the minimum size requirement is 16x20". 

If you are looking to mix half/full bodies with heads, feel free to contact me to discuss this.

*The requirements are based off dog and cat portraits (as they are pretty common). I may make an exception to smaller critters (insects, arachnids, small rodents, or small birds for instance) for smaller sizes or the sizing requirements for the number of subjects.  I do not charge extra for full-body pet/wildlife portraits of an animal.  Please, contact me to discuss this. There are always possibilities to bend the rules.


I require a down-payment of 25% of the artwork price to be sent to my Pay-Pal in order to get the work started.  This down-payment is NON-REFUNDABLE.  Please, read my terms for more information on the non-refundable down-payment.  

When commissioning me for custom works, you are agreeing to my terms of service.  CLICK HERE to view these terms.  My terms of service will also be attached to the Pay-Pal information.  

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