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Hello, there!  It is an honor that you are considering commissioning me to draw your furry family members. Please, thoroughly read the information below, including the pricing page, my terms, and fill out the form below with the required information, and I will get back within 1 to 3 business days.  CLICK HERE to view my terms



Communication is primarily by email. 

Keep in mind that I do work a full-time job and may not be able to get to emails right away.

Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, I no longer meet up face-to-face.

Please, CLICK HERE to view the prices of all available commissions.  


Prices are subject to change at any time.  I normally give advanced notice.


The method of payment for all online transactions is Pay-Pal only.  You do not have to sign up to PayPal in order to make any payments.

The better the detail, the better the artwork will turn out. Please, send pictures with good detail, lighting, and highest resolution possible.


If the reference photo is washed out, poor lighting, pixelated, blurry or any poor quality characteristics, or if the subject is too small to see, I will reject the photo and ask you to provide another one. It is also best to avoid photos that had flash used.

If you have printed pictures, please have them scanned in and sent to me.  Do NOT send pictures of pictures.  I will not accept this.  If you do not have a scanner, look for a local office supply shop or a library that has a scanner. 

Feel free to send me as many reference photos as you wish and we will go through them together to pick out a photo for the project.  If any of them were to not meet with my standards, I will let you know.


Unfortunately, being an artist does not mean that laws do not apply to me.  I cannot just draw and sell art based off copyrighted photos without permission. The reference photos you send to me must be taken by YOU. Please do NOT send me photos that were taken by a professional photographer (unless you're the professional photographer), some random online image from a search engine, or any stock photo sites, some famous internet cat you follow on social media, or a copyrighted character. All photos must be from YOU.  

After we have discussed subject, medium and size, I require a signed contract and a NON-REFUNDABLE down payment of 25% of the quoted price before I start any photo mock-ups, outlines, and artwork. The price of shipping is not included in the down payment (if international customer). Clients who wish to no longer go through with a commission will not be refunded the 25% down-payment under ANY circumstances.

I accept payments through Paypal for online transactions.   I DO NOT accept money orders or checks.  



The turnaround time will depend on how booked I am, and the artwork itself. Based on the smallest piece available, the minimum turnaround time is 2 weeks for my line of minimal-detail works (If opened for detailed works in the future, a minimum of 6 weeks for smallest available work).  The turnaround time can be less or more depending on how booked I am, the complexity of the piece, and so fourth.

I work at a first come, first serve basis.  If you need anything before the holidays, or another certain occasion, please contact me on the wait time and book ahead.


All sales of originals listed in my shop are final and I do NOT accept returns. 


As for custom works, if the client/customer, for any reason, no longer wants the piece shipped to them and has not paid the rest of the portrait, the client understands that the 25% down-payment towards the work is non-refundable and will not be refunded. 


Once the custom work is approved as finished, paid in full and ready to ship, I, the artist, will not accept returns or exchanges. 

During the process, I will be emailing you progresses every few days for you to look over and if anything must be done.  Before I go on with the tonal value of the piece, I will email you the outline of the work for your approval before I begin on the details.


Any additional changes (if possible to do) that the client wants made at the end will be an extra charge and a second contract signed regarding these additional changes. 

If the client, has the artist start the work all over, it will be considered a new piece and the client will have to pay 25% non-refundable fee of this restarted piece.


If the client is unsatisfied with the piece, the client understands that the 25% down-payment towards the artwork is still not refundable and may choose to abandon the piece if they wish.

If the work is to be abandoned by the client, the artist retains all rights to post up the work for sale and make prints, any other merchandise for monetary purpose, and advertisement.

Shipping is free for all USA addresses by USPS.  If you request a higher level of delivery service or a different delivery service (Such as Fedex, UPS, and so fourth), a shipping charge will be applied.

All shipments have tracking numbers and once shipped, I will provide you a tracking number to check status on the shipment.

International shipping is separate from the cost of artwork. The customer/client will be responsible for shipping charges including their country's custom duties, VAT and so fourth. The artist will not be held responsible for any extra charges the country charges the client nor will the artist be responsible for any delays due to customs. Contact me with your address for a shipping quote. 

If any artwork, whether it is custom or already-made by me, is to return due to you, the client/customer, refusing to claim the package, or pay any custom duties owed to your country, you will NOT receive a refund for any of the amount paid towards the artwork or shipping.  I DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS.

If any artwork, whether it be custom or already-made by me, returns to me due to you,the customer/client, due to providing your own address to me incorrectly, I will ask for the correct address, confirm that your address is correct and you as the customer/client will be responsible for the shipping charges of the second time around of shipping (of course, if I were the one that made an error, there will not be any charge to you).  This goes for both USA and international customers.

Once I ship out the artwork, it is now in the hands of the postal workers.  If you are having problems with receiving the package, please contact your local post office first.  If anymore issues after contacting the post office, please contact me.

All packages are insured.  If anything happens to be lost or damaged, please file a claim with your local post office.

I, the artist, retain copyright of the artwork, will include the client’s custom work on my website for portfolio purposes, and will be recorded or photographed for online videos.  I have the rights to reproduce and sell prints, upload the artwork online, sell merchandise and any other business purposes of the piece if I want to.
The client has does NOT have permission to copy, reproduce, advertise, sell merchandise, or any of the above for business or personal use.  If the client wishes to do any of the following mentioned, the client needs to contact the artist.  Please read under BUSINESS PURPOSES OF ARTWORK.
The client does not have permission to upload photos/scans of the artwork without the artist's watermark included and the image should be no larger than 500x500 pixels.  

If the client wishes that I do not sell prints, create other merchandise of the commission, any other monetary purposes, or upload the image on the website or create videos, I have the right to and WILL refuse service.

Stated under COPYRIGHT, the client in no way can profit off of the artwork or use it in any advertisement unless a license is purchased.  I am currently not granting anyone permission to use my artwork in any monetary gain or advertisement.  (If you notice any of my works being used, please contact me as soon as possible!)

In commissioning the artist, the client grants the artist right to post work in progress on their blog and create videos.  If it's a surprise gift for a special someone and do not want the work or progresses uploaded until the gift is received, please let me know and I will not post progress shots or video til the gift has been given.


You grant me the right to display your custom work on the internet, including but not limited to, my website, blog, videos, social media platform, and in any digital form.  You also grant me the right to monetize off the custom work including, but not limited to, t-shirts, mugs, magazines, used for video demos/tutorials, my own classroom projects, subscription websites, etc.

Any person who does not agree with my terms of service or any policy of this website will be refused service.




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