Terms of Service


All visitors to my website, including but not limited to clients/customers and those who stumble upon all the artwork on  any other web platforms or outside of the web, agree to the following:

I. Right to Refuse Sales

    1. The artist has the right to refuse sale of artworks, refuse commissions, refuse business licenses or any other business to anyone without explanation.

    2. The artist has the right to reject commissions without explanation.  (For example: The artist can and WILL reject custom work if potential client fails to provide reference photos where picture quality meets/exceeds the artist's requirements).


II. Sale of Work

    1.  The price of the artwork and shipping price must be paid in full before the artwork is shipped out.

    2. The artist will not hold on any artwork for anyone.  

    3.  The customer must follow copyright laws when purchasing a piece and/or commissioning a custom artwork.


III. Photograph Usage Permission (For Custom-Work Clients)

    1. In commissioning the artist based off your photographs, you are granting the artist the right to displaying the artwork on the web, or a copy of it publicly for portfolio purposes.

    2.  In commissioning the artist, you hereby grant the artist rights to monetizing off the custom work in anyway including, but not limited to, prints, mugs, t-shirts, posters, covers, videos, tutorials, subscriptions, etc.

    3. If any person is wishing for the artist to not publicly display the commissioned artwork, the artist has the right and will refuse service.

IV. Fees and Payments

    1. Customers ordering custom works are required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE down-payment of 25% of the quoted price for the artwork before any custom work is started.

    2. Customers who no longer wish to go any further with a custom piece forfeit the 25% fee paid into the artwork and will not be refunded under ANY circumstances/

V.  Return Policy

    1. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  Once the client/customer pays in full and receives the artwork, I will not accept any returns.  The customer, both customer of an original piece or custom work, will not receive a refund under any circumstances.

    2. Cancellations are not accepted.  Once the customer makes a payment/deposit for a custom order, or payment of original artwork, the artist will NOT honor a request for cancellation.  

VI. Copyright

    1. The artist retains copyright of all the artwork, including custom commissions, and custom commissions based off photographs that the client provided.

    2. Commissioning the artist for a custom work or purchasing a piece from the artist does not  give the customer any rights for any business purpose of the work including, but not limited to, merchandise of any kind for profit, displaying the image on a website or any other digital form, or in a physical copy (magazines, billboards, books etc), reproducing and distributing prints and any other form of merchandise whether or not it is for profit. 

    3.  Commercial use of any artwork created by the Artist, including custom works, is prohibited.

    4. The client shall not upload the image of the artwork, including custom work, without credit due, and must include a watermark with the artists's name, and the image uploaded must be no larger than 500x500 pixels.

    5. Any violation of copyright will be subject to legal action.

    6. The copyright terms written above also applies to non-profit organizations. 

    *The artist is not distributing any business licenses at this time.  Any accounts to print-on-demand sites or any other site will be listed on this website and the accounts are only managed by Raven D.  

VII. Non-Profit Organizations

    1. Any non-profit organization does not have rights to use my work for advertisement or any sales without my permission.

    2. If a non-profit organization is interested in my artwork to help raise money for their cause, the organization must contact the artist for permission.

    3. If permission is granted, the non-profit organization that is using my work will be listed on my website OR announced on my site, social media platform, and so fourth.  (Organizations who do not have my permission are not linked or announced).

    4. Any non-profit organization violating these terms will be subject to legal action.

VIII. Recreating Artwork/Products Based off Artwork on this Site

    1. Recreating artwork/images in any form based off the artwork of this website is prohibited.  It  includes, but not limited to, drawings, painting, sculpting, digital art, or any other medium and form.

    2.  Not only is recreating artwork of this website prohibited, reproductions such as, but not limited to, prints, t-shirts, mugs, logos, and any other ways of reproduction is also prohibited. The artwork may not be used for videos that are monetized in any way on any platform such as, but not limited to, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, and any other platform. DVD's, tapes, any physical video, and any digital form of video of the copied artwork for profit is prohibited. Artwork may not be used for tutorials, classrooms, and so fourth.  Images or videos of the artwork used as reference may not be part of a subscription-based site (site examples such as Patreon, OnlyFans,or any other website), or any other site that requires subscription pay.  Reproduction may not be uploaded anywhere or printed in any form, whether or not for profit.

    3. Certain artworks on this website have been referenced based from photos of other photographers.  Reference to where the images came from are linked to the artwork.  If an artist stopping by would love to draw from a piece that was copied from another photographer's reference, please refer to the original photographer by clicking the link to the original source rather than the artwork of this website.

    4. Violators are subject to legal action.

IX.  The Artist Signature

    1. All artworks, including custom artwork, is to be and will be signed  on the front by the artist.  

    2. Customers wanting removal of the artist's signature from any artwork will be refused sales of any work.

    3. Customers ordering custom works who do not want the artist to sign the artwork will be refused any service and sale.

    4.  Customers ordering works demanding the signature of the artist to be obscure will be refused any service and sale.

    5. Anyone who removes, or attempts to remove the signature of the piece will be subject to legal action.

X.  Use of the Artist's Photographs is Strictly Prohibited

This portion is about the photographs of the actual artist herself uploaded on various web accounts.

  1. The artist does NOT welcome download/saving any of her photographs uploaded from any site including, but not limited to, OnlyFans, this website, other social media, and so fourth.

   2. The artist does NOT welcome other's to re-upload her images in any digital or physical form.

   3.The artist does NOT welcome the use of her photographs for any monetary purpose including, but not limited to, prints, t-shirts, mugs, magazines, subscription websites, or any other digital or physical form. This also includes recreation of the images.


    4.The artist does NOT grant other artists the right to recreate her images in any forms, including but not limited to, drawings, paintings, sculptures, digital painting, photo-manipulation and other medium.

This agreement is subject to change any time at the discretion of the artist.  

Any person(s) who violate these terms, whether or not they have came to this page to read them, will be subject to legal action.


*Terms up-to-date as of 04/25/2020.