Please, read my FAQ, terms, prices (both commissions and original artwork) before messaging with a question.  There is a possibility that your question might already have been answered here. Sometime in the future, I will have a more categorized FAQ.


Q:Are you a full-time artist?

A: Art is only a side thing for me at this time.  Maybe someday I will get to live the dream of being full-time.

Q: What supplies do you use?

A: I know I mostly display simplified charcoal drawings at this time,  but I am also experienced in graphite, colored pencils, soft and oil pastels, and oil paint. Someday in the future, there will be more works in these mediums.  

Q: You've went vegan recently.  Are all of your art supplies and artwork vegan?

A: I went vegan sometime at the end of April of 2019.  I still have some art supplies around that do contain animal products, but I have discontinued buying art supplies with animal-derived ingredients (that I know of). I still have some leftover non-vegan products and will use them up until they eventually run out.

If you happen to be a vegan yourself, please let me know and I will omit the leftover non-vegan supplies out or let you know if I am unsure if a certain medium is vegan or not (because I could not find answers to ALL of what I carry unfortunately). 

Q:Can you draw something for me?

A: I do accept pet/wildlife commissions only at this time.  Feel free to check out the "Commissions" tab on the bar to find more information.​

Q: Do you give out or sell my personal information?

A:  Unless it's for any legal/investigative purposes, no.  I will not give out or sell your personal information.  I will upload artwork of your baby (animal) and even state their name as the title (if they have one), but I will not be giving out your personal information to anyone.  

Q: What shipping carrier do you use and how will artwork arrive?
A:  At this time, I am using USPS only.  Artworks on paper will be safely packed between two acid-free foam boards and are whether shipped in a cardboard mailer, bubbled mailer, or a flat-box.   All shipments are also insured.

Shipping in the USA is free.  If you live outside of the USA, you will have a shipping charge regardless of the total order amount. Feel free to contact me for a quote. 

I am not responsible for any import duty or any fees associated with the mail, nor am I responsible for any delays due to customs. If the customer/client refuses to pay the required fees of their own country, I will not refund the purchase.

Once the package is sent out to USPS, it is out of my hands on what they do with it.  If there are any problems with your shipping, please try to contact your local post office first before contacting me.

Q: Can you mark this as a "gift" when you ship the item to my country?

A: I will in no way falsify any information about what the shipment contains, how much was paid, or lie about it being a gift.  

Q: I typed my address incorrectly.  What do I do?

A: I ship out work in about 3 to 5 business days (Monday through Friday's).  Please, make sure you type out your information correctly the first time.  If you get a hold of me in time before shipment, I will be able to help you fix this error.  

If you contact me after shipment and it returns to me, I will be able to ship it back out at the customer's own expense.  If you no longer want the piece mailed out, I will deduct the amount it cost to ship the artwork from the amount you have paid before issuing a refund.

Q: Are you the same Raven D. of artofravend.com?  (WARNING:  This site contains adult content).

A:  Yes. 

I am aware that not everyone wants to see their cute labradoodle drawing next to artwork that contains art of adult themes.  I keep two separate websites because of this.