There was this kitten meowing at various homes for a few days straight.  We believe he might've been abandoned, but it's possible he might have just been a kitten from one of the female neighborhood cats litters.  Other people did try to get him to come, but he wouldn't get near anyone at the time.

I was asleep at the time this happened, but my folks and sibling happen to be up,  kept the front door opened and trapped him in our house.  However, they had a hard time catching him and were using flashes of phones to get him out of certain places.  Next morning, I wake up and he's in a little kennel.  

At first, we did try to adopt him out. He did go to a co-worker for one night, but it did not work out well.  Even though we did have fliers at Petco and a few calls, we ended up keeping him thankfully.

He went from a homeless wild kitten to a big fluffy fat cat of calm nature (He wasn't fat in the beginning).  His main  hobbies are sleeping, eating and treating his water bowl as if it's a splash park and making a huge mess. He is also the few I know where we can pet his tummy without getting clawed to death.

A year later, a mother cat that used to live in our garage produced babies and Stinkers ended up with his best friend, Gabby.  

I know someone here is wondering what is up with the name.  Easy answer:  He has bad gas. 

We are not sure of his exact birth date, but he came around in 2011.

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