It feels like yesterday since he was this hyper baby  (Born in October 2010).  He has settled down a bit over the course of time, but til the present day he still has the energy of a crazy puppy.  Just like a toddler, he loves to take out every toy from his box and leave them everywhere for his mother to pick up.  Don't let his hyper-puppy mentality fool you.  He is quite an intelligent little man.  

He is a beggar, and a huge tattle-tell.  If I (or anyone) am eating something, he will beg for it.  If I do not give it to him, he will tell on me.   How does he do that?  He will turn his head and look at my mother or father as he huffs and puffs, and may even make whiny noises.  He may even run up to her and then point at me if I don't give him anything.  Most of the time, it's something he cannot have (like Top Ramen for example) and even my mother will tell him "No."  However, he may get a treat afterall such as a couple of baby carrots (he loves them).

There is another example.  Occasionally, a dog friend comes over.  If this guest of ours happens to leave "presents" on the floor, he will tell us and point at it.  

Most of his life, he grew up with cats and other dogs such as a chihuahua (and for a short time, an old deaf pit bull).  My chihuahua was pretty aggressive towards him and Bubba bowed to him since he was a puppy.  Despite Bubba growing over twice the size, he still bowed down.  Eventually, Sophie came along and those two were best of friends.  Sadly, Sophie only lived to be 3 1/2 and he is now the only dog.  

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