On March of 2013, our neighbors ended up with a litter of five puppies they did not intend for their dogs to produce.  That is how we ended up with our sweet little girl, Sophie.


Some people have mistaken her for a border collie, but she is actually a mix.  The mother is a shitzu/chihuahua and the father is a labrador.  Yes. The mother survived the pregnancy. The mother was also fixed after Sophie and the rest of her siblings were re-homed. 

She may be a sweet little girl, but she had the bark and growl of a bear.  She also did make growl sounds when she talked, which may be mistaken for aggression if you do not know her well (Unlike Bubba, she was not entirely people-friendly).

I remember everyday when I come home from work, she comes wagging her tail and jumps on me to greet me as I pet her.  Along with that, she would follow me to my bedroom, lie on the bed with both body and head flat down while the tail is up in the air and wagging like crazy while I rub her ears and give her kisses. 


She was also Bubba's best friend and those two were the sweetest couple.  They used to play a lot, and give each other so much sloppy kisses.    

Unfortunately, on August of 2016, she was taken away from us too soon by AIHA (Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia).  

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